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Dads, moms, grandmothers, grandfathers, step parents, aunts, uncles whom ever you may be to a child


Having a family is NOT a one way street… which with that being said I was raised by a single mom most of my life so I saw her doing EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME. However, she chose to be a single parent. I’m in a “committed” ha well as least on one part relationship and I chose to have a child with a man and have a family. But as of late and well my child’s whole life besides my other “chick” on here or my “baby daddy” as I like to call her 😊 is the only person I can rely on day in and day out. 

Raising a family especially in today’s society it takes two incomes to make ends meet. If you’re a stay at home mom God bless you, you’re very lucky and almost cursed( I only say this because the other half gets used to coming home to a warm cooked meal every night and you taking care of the baby and them and the house and life 24/7 etc.) we are mothers 24/7 buttttt
STEP UP! Actually want to spend time with your child I don’t give two flying….. birds….. if you wanna see me but you have a child ACT LIKE IT!

Anyone else feel this way?


Daily Blogging

Question of the Day….

So here’s a good question…. 

Where/what is your “happy place”? Where do you or would you go to just clear your mind- aka- get out of your own head for a while? 

For 2chicks, it’s  most definitely the ocean, and spending time with your “person”. Even in complete silence. 💕Our “person” is where we find peace, love and acceptance with no judgement and just happiness!! 

Daily Blogging

Morning Clock Out-ER Style

Well I’ll be dang!! It’s time to go home and 10 min past my shift ending. Let me tell you guys why!! Dayshift sucks!! They come in all lolligagging around, making coffee, yawning and junk. This has been the craziest shift I’ve ever worked in this facility and I’m bitter right now cause this dude is sipping coffee from a Georgia Tech cup while I’m still there cleaning and helping patients out.

I must have high expectations to think the word TEAMWORK is really for real….


Daily Blogging

Meditation will help you achieve your dreams. Here’s one reason

This is great info, this is super inspirational!!!

Learn with Caveman

What has to happen for you to achieve your dreams? CHANGE, yes I am screaming. Do me a favor, find a time today to sit down and picture yourself as the person you want to be. Picture yourself as if you have achieved your dream in as much detail as you can. Now, write down the things that are different between you now and the achieved dream you. All the things you just wrote down have to change in the physical world! That means you have to change them, you have to change.

This is where meditation can help. I am not just saying that, there are volumes of scientific research to back up that claim.

For now lets talk about how meditation can help you bring on the change you need. Change is stressful for anybody. Meditation, practiced for as little as ten minuets a day, can make long…

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Daily Blogging

Why Do People Need to Put Others Down? 

So here’s the question….. We arrive to work most nights and there are a few people who have been working here for a very long time. Then you have the ones who are new, and then the ones in between. I would like to call them oldies, mids and babies. Well, there are two nurses in particular, one is a baby and the other is an oldie. The baby is a super sweet girl and has been a nurse for a few years but new to our hospital. The oldie is a great woman and mentor and has been a traveling nurse for 25+ years. Love these two ladies, but every single shift the baby gets picked on and put down by the mid nurses and it makes me sick!! The oldie gets shoved in triage every shift just because she’s a little older and slower and the other nurses don’t want her on the floor. 

So my thing is why?? Why do these people feel the need to treat others this way? Every time we try to tell them both “let us say something”, or “stick up for yourself”, they both just say nooo please don’t say anything, it’s fine, I’ll do it, etc etc. But to be honest it really just pisses us off!! We are in a work environment where we are here to help people, not put them down, even if they are co-workers! Everyone should be treated with respect no matter how long you’ve been a nurse, tech, unit clerk or whatever your job is. We’ve all worked hard to get where we are!!  It’s gotten to the point where there’s too many cooks in the kitchen and too many people wanna play boss. 

There are even some people, let’s just call them oldies/vets of the hospital who think they are bosses, they are so vain and try to make themselves look like something they aren’t. And these particular ones are flat out LIARS!! 

We love our job!! We love what we do, we are doing what I know we were meant to do, but I’m still trying so hard to understand why people have to put others down. There should be a “Code of Ethics for Dummies” book for these people who do this!! 

Anyone else out there have similar situations like this? Where you feel like your hands are tied and you can’t help people who are treated like this?? 

Thanks for listening 🙂 


Daily Blogging

Listen when no one else will… 

Listening isn’t always as cut and dry as we were taught in grade school. 

As two women we ALWAYS have opinions on well EVERYTHING 😊 

Working in the ER can be… a handful at times especially when its a busy day/night for us. But the people we see come to us (most of the time) at their absolute worst, may it be they have the flu all the way up to they just lost their loved one that came to us, or they’re literally losing their minds. Point being sometimes all someone needs is a smiling face and someone to just listen. we treat not only the physical ailments but the mental ones, and it is our job to see when someone is in distress.

It drives me to absolute insanity when I go to buy milk and the cashier is “having a bad day” leave your personal life outside the doors of your workplace. I’ve seen this happen at work way too much especially as of late, I know personally when I don’t feel good the last thing I feel like dealing with is someone’s attitude. Bring a smile to work and definitely caffeine… you will need it at some point during your day. 

Also, be mindful that  because someone is smiling on the outside doesn’t mean they aren’t screaming on the inside. Listen without judgement and give sound advice where needed. I know we can only help those who come to us for help or who want to talk about the things that are wrong. They need to feel they are safe, safe to tell you what’s really going on, that you’re not going to run around telling everyone their business. Or go behind their back and giggle about it with your friends.  Just sit and listen, sometimes it only takes a few minutes of your day to listen. 

-Today would have been my 10 year wedding anniversary, that I am again celebrating by myself for the 5th year. but maybe if I would have listened my husband would still be here. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of him and smile. He was always smiling on the outside and (little did I know) screaming on the inside. – 

God bless ❤️