Daily Blogging

The Reason…. 

This is just a little idea of why I do what I do in healthcare, trauma. 

The last two weeks have been rough l, like extremely rough. Some having to do with work, the rest, personally. Just one of those weeks where u want to throw in the towel. Give up, sleep away a week or so. Thursday night was my first night back to work in a few days, after the horrible week before. So I knew it would be a busy hard night. There were patients everywhere, even in the hallways. 

After things got settled there was a couple, man and wife, who had been waiting for a really long time due to all the trauma and EMS patients we were getting. The woman had a horrible migraine. So I go to do her IV and she tells me oh we’ve been waiting so long, this is crazy, you’ll never get my IV done because I have tiny veins and she was just really in a lot of pain and needed IV medicine. She tells me how she’s not happy and she knows she will get stuck several times as I start getting my supplies together for the line, I place the tourniquet on her and realize she really does have shit veins. But I’m extremely good at my job and I’m not afraid to admit that. But I agreed with the lady and said yes ma’am you do have tiny wiggle veins. Well, about that time I found a juicy fat vein in her hand and knew I could get the IV in that spot, but I didn’t say anything to her just that I think I’m gonna go here and pointed to her hand. She said oooh good luck, no one have ever gotten that vein. Well of course I stuck her and got the IV in and she was completely flabbergasted.!! She said to her husband take this girls name and number we want her as out personal nurse. We all got a laugh out of it. 

Now, I prove patients wrong all the time because that’s what we do, we are providers who know what we are doing, some more than others, but none the less, we have been down many veiny roads and most we get and some we don’t. Each time this happens we just move on and make sure the patient is able to continue their care with us and feel better. But last night, after this lady, long after she got her medicine and was ready for discharge, she told the discharging nurse that I really made a difference in her experience at the ER and she was extremely comfortable with needles now because of how easy it was after her wonderful experience with me. She also stated that I made, what seemed to be a horrible, long and miserable day and night, turn into a very positive one and she was so glad she came to see us and she will be more likely to pass the word and suggest us to all her friends and family. But, most importantly, she felt better, she came to find me to hug me (which I normally won’t do) and show her appreciation! 

That is the REASON I do this job. Just making people feel better about the feeling or situation they are in at that moment! Working trauma, you see some people on the worst days of their lives, but it’s the things we do and the little gestures that make the difference in people and their outcome. We can’t save everyone, but we damn sure can try and the ones we can, treat them with the utmost respect and care possible, even if they are rude and nasty. 

I love my job and am blessed to have it. 



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