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Night and Day

This blog is dedicated to all the nightshift workers in the world……

So night and day, these two words are used to describe so many things. Some people use these two words to describe the difference between EVERYTHING. 

Well we’re here to tell you, when you work nightshift no matter where that may be, the difference in dayshift and nightshift is literally “night and day”! 

Specifically to our line of work, in the trauma center/ER/hospital, we both work nightshift. We’ve also worked a few days here and there, but mostly nights. 7p-7a. On the nightshift, there is a certain tone, or I guess best described as an “unspoken understanding” to which makes the nightshift run like a well oiled machine. There are no admins around, so of course it’s going to personally be more laid back, but where we are coming from has absolutely nothing to do with who’s watching, the eye in the sky can suck it! Our nightshift is LOYAL and believes in teamwork, not just using the word, but actually performing it. We believe in moving with a purpose, not leaving the next shift with our work, but getting things done quickly and taking ownership and pride in what we do. Helping people isn’t just about what you do, it’s how you do it! 

You work nights, you probably know exactly what we are talking about. We’re not sitting here saying that dayshift people are horrible and don’t do the things I listed above. As all places of work are different. So please don’t take my words out of context when I say nightshift does this or that, because your “nightshift” in my definition could be the shift you work period, day or night. 

It does take a special type of person to work from 7pm to 7am twelve hours straight, no matter what line of work your in. It’s not for everyone, with that said, WE absolutely love working nights in the ER! It’s full of craziness and organized chaos. But we are a team and our team is amazing. Our patients are amazing and most of all, the care we give to those patients is awesome! Top notch service, in a timely manner. You won’t come to the ER where we work at night and sit for hours and hours to be seen. You’ll be brought back asap and out the door feeling better on the way to recovering well hopefully soon. Yes we do lose people all the time, death is a part of this job. It hurts and stings and at times, takes a huge toll on your psyche, but you have to learn how to cope with that in your own way and move to the next patient that is breathing. The patient that is alive and will live, at least on your watch. 

We just wanted to give a huge shout out to all the “Nightshifters” out there no matter where you are. Keep watching the clock, once 5 hits, your close to the finish line, even though those two hours seem like an eternity! Lol 

But…….. all in all this is an opinion blog and from where we sit, this is what we see. We would never want to offend anyone! So please, if your reading this, do take these words at opinion value. 😃  

PS- part of this blog is a vent and rant about our crappy dayshift! Hahahaha in case you guys didn’t figure that out already. 😂 

Feel free to comment, we ❤️feedback! Thanks for reading friends….. 2C


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