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Question of the Day….

So here’s a good question…. 

Where/what is your “happy place”? Where do you or would you go to just clear your mind- aka- get out of your own head for a while? 

For 2chicks, it’s  most definitely the ocean, and spending time with your “person”. Even in complete silence. 💕Our “person” is where we find peace, love and acceptance with no judgement and just happiness!! 


4 thoughts on “Question of the Day….”

  1. My happy place? There looks nice. Sadly today is one of those “anywhere but here days”, lol. But right here, that’s where my happy place is. No matter where I am, it’s always right here. If it wasn’t, it would only be somewhere I wasn’t.

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      1. Theoretically, on my good days. But I reserve the right to be bitter and cynical; with my happy place being on the other side of the fence. Since we all know that doesn’t get us anywhere; where ever I am is where my happy place has to be. I wouldn’t object if I happened to be kayaking in the sea or soaking in a mountain side hot spring though. 🙂 Thanks for taking me to my happy place!

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