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This is a great Q&A to read!! Love it!!

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Q n' A


So I asked all of you to send me questions for a little Q n’ A in my last post. I honestly thought that no one would even send me questions but the response was over-whelming. Thank you so much to everyone who sent in questions. I’ve linked the respective bloggers near their questions, if you want you can check their blogs out because they are amazing. I answered all the questions that you guys sent in and I had so much fun answering these while Andy Black was playing in the background!

So let’s move in with the QUESTIONS!

Sunset or sunrise? (by:Autumn)

Okay I’m in with only the first question and I’m already indecisive. I would say the sunrise because mornings always remind me of adventure and nature. It’s great when you go on a little hike early in the morning or you just go…

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