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Listen when no one else will… 

Listening isn’t always as cut and dry as we were taught in grade school. 

As two women we ALWAYS have opinions on well EVERYTHING 😊 

Working in the ER can be… a handful at times especially when its a busy day/night for us. But the people we see come to us (most of the time) at their absolute worst, may it be they have the flu all the way up to they just lost their loved one that came to us, or they’re literally losing their minds. Point being sometimes all someone needs is a smiling face and someone to just listen. we treat not only the physical ailments but the mental ones, and it is our job to see when someone is in distress.

It drives me to absolute insanity when I go to buy milk and the cashier is “having a bad day” leave your personal life outside the doors of your workplace. I’ve seen this happen at work way too much especially as of late, I know personally when I don’t feel good the last thing I feel like dealing with is someone’s attitude. Bring a smile to work and definitely caffeine… you will need it at some point during your day. 

Also, be mindful that  because someone is smiling on the outside doesn’t mean they aren’t screaming on the inside. Listen without judgement and give sound advice where needed. I know we can only help those who come to us for help or who want to talk about the things that are wrong. They need to feel they are safe, safe to tell you what’s really going on, that you’re not going to run around telling everyone their business. Or go behind their back and giggle about it with your friends.  Just sit and listen, sometimes it only takes a few minutes of your day to listen. 

-Today would have been my 10 year wedding anniversary, that I am again celebrating by myself for the 5th year. but maybe if I would have listened my husband would still be here. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of him and smile. He was always smiling on the outside and (little did I know) screaming on the inside. – 

God bless ❤️ 


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