Daily Blogging

Night Owls We Are

So as it is, we are both huge night owls. Isn’t it funny how you can stay up and watch the stupidest things on TV and never even realize your even watching it? Your mind wanders and if your anything like me, you make plans…..

Working night shift makes your sleep all messy even on your days off! Sometimes when I stay up until late late which my definition of late is 3 to 4AM, I find myself thinking about the most random things, in fact that’s where all my thoughts usually occur to me. For example: so I tomorrow I need to do some major laundry. Funny thing is, I don’t end up doing the laundry. 

I think it’s our minds way of telling us it’s ok to make plans and then not do them 100% of the time! At least that’s what I’d like to think…… sheesh!! So basically my point is, if your a night owl, for whatever reason, just own it, be yourself, and make the changes you want to and not the changes you feel you are forcing yourself  to do. 

Watch those infomercials, or binge watch Walking Dead, or whatever you want to do. Live your life to the beat of your own drum. Guess what??? I’m doing that darn laundry, just when I feel like it and I’m super proud of myself!! Woohoo!  

Night Owls Sound Off 🙂 Whats your guilty night owl pleasure?!! 


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