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Meet n Greet

Hello all!! We are reaching out for help on our blog. Since we are so new, all the things we want to do is unclear as far as onsite. I know we can just post, but all the specifics are still unknown. Need some tips and tricks to help spread our stories. Would love to set this up a meet and greet post for anyone interested to help you get your blogs out as well as help us learn some tips. Thanks to all who are willing to help. Hope this makes it to anyone and everyone who is interested. πŸ˜†πŸ˜ƒ


10 thoughts on “Meet n Greet”

  1. I’m new too don’t feel bad……..it’s under “my sight” and then click on “customize” by themes. Then click on widgets then click sidebar and then at the bottom you will see “add widget” You should see it there……


  2. Hello friends….
    Thanks for liking my comment and giving me a chance to read your post. People would love to know more about you and your blog so it would be nice if you write something on your about page.
    Do read other blogs,write comments, like posts and give them a chance to visit yours.

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