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Brain aches!

Lots of days we have not just headaches but brain aches! Not sure if we came up with this almost everyday reoccurring word or if there are others out there using it, but it’s the perfect word to describe several conditions and events! We have narrowed it down to several different types of brain aches….

  1. The “holy crap my brain aches” just because!
  2. The “there’s waaay too much going on today” brain ache.
  3. The “these people are driving me insane” brain ache.
  4. The “my kids are giving me a brain ache” brain ache. 
  5. The “this bill has to be paid like yesterday” brain ache.
  6. And last but definitely not least…. the “@&$! is about to hit the fan” brain ache.

We would like to know some other things that give people brain aches. Because if there’s no one else out there that has these then I’ve come to the conclusion that we really are just 2crazychicks!! Please share your thoughts 🙂



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