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The Reason…. 

This is just a little idea of why I do what I do in healthcare, trauma. 

The last two weeks have been rough l, like extremely rough. Some having to do with work, the rest, personally. Just one of those weeks where u want to throw in the towel. Give up, sleep away a week or so. Thursday night was my first night back to work in a few days, after the horrible week before. So I knew it would be a busy hard night. There were patients everywhere, even in the hallways. 

After things got settled there was a couple, man and wife, who had been waiting for a really long time due to all the trauma and EMS patients we were getting. The woman had a horrible migraine. So I go to do her IV and she tells me oh we’ve been waiting so long, this is crazy, you’ll never get my IV done because I have tiny veins and she was just really in a lot of pain and needed IV medicine. She tells me how she’s not happy and she knows she will get stuck several times as I start getting my supplies together for the line, I place the tourniquet on her and realize she really does have shit veins. But I’m extremely good at my job and I’m not afraid to admit that. But I agreed with the lady and said yes ma’am you do have tiny wiggle veins. Well, about that time I found a juicy fat vein in her hand and knew I could get the IV in that spot, but I didn’t say anything to her just that I think I’m gonna go here and pointed to her hand. She said oooh good luck, no one have ever gotten that vein. Well of course I stuck her and got the IV in and she was completely flabbergasted.!! She said to her husband take this girls name and number we want her as out personal nurse. We all got a laugh out of it. 

Now, I prove patients wrong all the time because that’s what we do, we are providers who know what we are doing, some more than others, but none the less, we have been down many veiny roads and most we get and some we don’t. Each time this happens we just move on and make sure the patient is able to continue their care with us and feel better. But last night, after this lady, long after she got her medicine and was ready for discharge, she told the discharging nurse that I really made a difference in her experience at the ER and she was extremely comfortable with needles now because of how easy it was after her wonderful experience with me. She also stated that I made, what seemed to be a horrible, long and miserable day and night, turn into a very positive one and she was so glad she came to see us and she will be more likely to pass the word and suggest us to all her friends and family. But, most importantly, she felt better, she came to find me to hug me (which I normally won’t do) and show her appreciation! 

That is the REASON I do this job. Just making people feel better about the feeling or situation they are in at that moment! Working trauma, you see some people on the worst days of their lives, but it’s the things we do and the little gestures that make the difference in people and their outcome. We can’t save everyone, but we damn sure can try and the ones we can, treat them with the utmost respect and care possible, even if they are rude and nasty. 

I love my job and am blessed to have it. 


Daily Blogging

Moms Day Shout Out! 

Moms are so special! Want to say Happy Mothers Day to all you Moms out there, even our furry friends Moms! Hope your day is special and full of love and appreciation for all you do 💕

A special Happy Mothers Day to 2C’s moms…… Momma K, Mom B, Gran(our guardian Angel), and Mum! We love you all so very much ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Daily Blogging

Question of the Day….

This is a serious one folks, need your feedback on this asap. 

So you have a coworker who you know might be getting in trouble, but you aren’t sure if the allegations against him are true(very serious allegations). What do you do? Keeping in mind this person is an amazing worker who is an asset to your workplace, but can also be a liability if said allegations are true. Oh yea and it’s also someone you talk to and consider a work friend. 

Tell him?

Do nothing? 


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Negative Nights

More like a bad weekend plus Monday. 

I wish I could just sit and tell all, but it’s just too much to say. 

I wish that all the things that made the time bad all just go away. 

I wish I could get some sleep after having dealt with these events. 

I wish I could put them in a box and leave them behind far away fence. 

That’s all I have to say about that. 


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Night and Day

This blog is dedicated to all the nightshift workers in the world……

So night and day, these two words are used to describe so many things. Some people use these two words to describe the difference between EVERYTHING. 

Well we’re here to tell you, when you work nightshift no matter where that may be, the difference in dayshift and nightshift is literally “night and day”! 

Specifically to our line of work, in the trauma center/ER/hospital, we both work nightshift. We’ve also worked a few days here and there, but mostly nights. 7p-7a. On the nightshift, there is a certain tone, or I guess best described as an “unspoken understanding” to which makes the nightshift run like a well oiled machine. There are no admins around, so of course it’s going to personally be more laid back, but where we are coming from has absolutely nothing to do with who’s watching, the eye in the sky can suck it! Our nightshift is LOYAL and believes in teamwork, not just using the word, but actually performing it. We believe in moving with a purpose, not leaving the next shift with our work, but getting things done quickly and taking ownership and pride in what we do. Helping people isn’t just about what you do, it’s how you do it! 

You work nights, you probably know exactly what we are talking about. We’re not sitting here saying that dayshift people are horrible and don’t do the things I listed above. As all places of work are different. So please don’t take my words out of context when I say nightshift does this or that, because your “nightshift” in my definition could be the shift you work period, day or night. 

It does take a special type of person to work from 7pm to 7am twelve hours straight, no matter what line of work your in. It’s not for everyone, with that said, WE absolutely love working nights in the ER! It’s full of craziness and organized chaos. But we are a team and our team is amazing. Our patients are amazing and most of all, the care we give to those patients is awesome! Top notch service, in a timely manner. You won’t come to the ER where we work at night and sit for hours and hours to be seen. You’ll be brought back asap and out the door feeling better on the way to recovering well hopefully soon. Yes we do lose people all the time, death is a part of this job. It hurts and stings and at times, takes a huge toll on your psyche, but you have to learn how to cope with that in your own way and move to the next patient that is breathing. The patient that is alive and will live, at least on your watch. 

We just wanted to give a huge shout out to all the “Nightshifters” out there no matter where you are. Keep watching the clock, once 5 hits, your close to the finish line, even though those two hours seem like an eternity! Lol 

But…….. all in all this is an opinion blog and from where we sit, this is what we see. We would never want to offend anyone! So please, if your reading this, do take these words at opinion value. 😃  

PS- part of this blog is a vent and rant about our crappy dayshift! Hahahaha in case you guys didn’t figure that out already. 😂 

Feel free to comment, we ❤️feedback! Thanks for reading friends….. 2C

Daily Blogging

Goodnight World!! 🌙 

Goodnight world, sleep is wonderful!!…….

After four long 12 hour shifts, sleep is just so so amazing!! Dreams are sometimes wonders and fantasies of things to come or to have passed, but just good hard sleep, aaaah!! Nothing like it. 

Being a person who has a history of sleep issues aka-“Nightowlism”(my own word lol), when you can finally get some rest and sleep really good, Its so wonderful. I hope anyone and everyone who needs rest can have some good sleepy time. Make the time, take whatever you need to, no judgement here! No matter what time of day you do it, treat yourself with sleep!! It makes life so much better after not sleeping for so long. 

Goodnight world! Sleep well 😴! 🙂 

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Scariest Thrill Ride EVER….

Ok so we went to Dollywood this month. 

Let me tell you all this much…. I love love love rides and roller coasters and all that fun stuff. Not a ride I won’t try unless it spins in a straight in a circle over and over (like the tilt-a-whirl at the fair). 
But…… this roller coaster at Dollywood is absolutely insane!!! I was in line we had a fast pass, I’m like yay let’s ride this one. Hubs is like yay lets!! We are visitors of Dollywood frequently and knew this ride was new and wasn’t open when we visited last year so we were all excited to ride this time. 

We get on this ride and instead of the regular incline click click thing you do on normal coasters, it shoots your behind straight up the incline with no clicks!! No no it throws you over the top and it’s so fast that you don’t even get to see where your heading next! 

I was totally unprepared for this. Never ever in my long old life have I rode anything this fast! The Lightning Rod is the fastest wooden roller coaster in the world!! EVIDENTLY! I’d say that is probably an accurate description, along with me on it with lots of cussing and possibly…. no…….probably……. no…….most definitely some incontinence for a sec or two! (To which I was in the restroom directly afterwards, hahaha). 

But in all seriousness, it was fun, but totally scary and unexpected. The guy behind me was laughing at me saying “that girls pony tail was vertical and I could tell which way we were about to go because her pony tail was tilting with every turn”!!! Oooh man it was a trip!! So, if you decide to visit Dollywood in Pigeon Forge Tennessee, and want to ride The worlds fastest wooden coaster, The Lightning Rod, I strongly advise it, but just be prepared. It’s a wild ride!

P.S.-I even got a souvenir cup!! Hahaha

Thanks for reading 🤗

Daily Blogging

Questions…. from the â¤ï¸…

What/who is your inspiration? What/who makes you want to be a better person? Does this who or what want to make you initiate changes in your life? What kind of changes would you make if you had to choose? 

We are asking just for our fellow friends/bloggers to have a chance to speak from the heart. We care and would love to hear some of your feelings on this. 

Thank you all 🤗😌

Daily Blogging

Friends for a Lifetime….

So we at 2chicks want everyone to know that we believe in fate and there are no mistakes when meeting someone. 

“There are three types of friends: friends for a reason, friends for a season, and friends for a lifetime”       –author unknown 

With that said, we should be open and accepting to placing our friends in one or more of these categories. It makes your friendships have a deeper level of meaning. Or at least that’s what we think. 

2chicks have been friends for a long time, and everyday we count our blessings being able to say we are each others “person” and we are friends for a reason and a lifetime! Friendships like that are rare. 

If you have a friend like this, hold them tight, tell them you love them and how much they mean to you. Life is too short to feel alone or not express how you feel. Lean on each other, support each other, and most of all, just care for each other no matter what, with no judgement, no fear, and definitely no holding back. ❤️💕

Thanks for reading 🙂